Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Herbal Lemonade

1. Gawati Chaha leaves, 4-5
2. Tulas paane, 10-12
3. Welachi leaves, 2-3
4. Mint leaves, 4-5
5. Betel leaves, 4-5
6. Cinnamon stick
7. Ginger
8. Cloves, 2-3
9. Honey
10. Water
11. Lemonade
12. Lemon juice
13. Black Salt

1. In a pan, take 2.5 cups of water. Add gawati shah leaves, tulsi leaves, welch leaves, mint leaves, viDyachi leaves, cloves, cinnamon stick and finely chopped ginger.
2. Boil this mixture for 2 minutes. Turn the gas off.
3. Drain this through a colander in a bowl. Take the cloves and cinnamon stick out of the colander. Grind the green leaves in a fine paste. Drain this again. Add water if required.
4. In a glass, add honey, black salt, lemon juice, 3-4 table spoons of the green juice and fill rest of the glass with the lemonade.

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