Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Paneer Kulcha

1. Maida / fine wheat flour, 1 cup
2. Wheat flour, 1/4 cup
3. Baking powder, 1 pinch
4. Sugar, 1 pinch
5. Yoghurt, 2 tsp
6. Milk
7. Salt
8. Paneer, grated, 1 cup
9. Coriander leaves
10. Green chili, crushed
11. Black pepper
12. Baking soda

1. In a bowl, add both the flours. Make a hole in the center. Add baking powder, sugar, soda and yoghurt to this. After this, bubbled should start coming in the bowl. Add salt and milk.
2. Knead a tight dough and wrap it around your fist to make a shape of bowl or cup. Keep it inside out for 2-3 hours and let it ferment.
3. In another bowl, take grated paneer, coriander leaves, crushed chili, black pepper and salt. Mix well.
4. Once the dough is fermented properly, make balls of them and stuff the paneer mix. Make rotis and fry on pan. Serve hot.

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