Sunday, June 5, 2011

Varhadi Chicken

1. Chicken Drumsticks
2. Star Anise
3. Clove
4. Dessicated coconut
5. Garam Masala
6. Ginger, garlic and coriander paste
7. Dried Red chili
8. Whole cardamom
9. Onion
10. Cardamom+ Caraway powder
11. Turmeric
12. Salt and sugar to taste
13. Coriander
14. Cinnamon stick
15. Bay leaves

1. Fry star anise, cardamom pods, clove, cinnamon stick dry till the fragrance starts to come out.
2. Fry dessicated coconut till its brownish in color.
3. Take 4-5 dried red chili pieces and fry them dry.
4. Grind the above fried ingredients in a mixer. Once coarse, add garam masala. Grind again. Add water and keep the masala paste aside.
5. Take 2 onions and cut them in 4 parts, keeping them together at the head. Keep these on gas and cook them.
6. Once its black from outside, it should be cooked from inside. Let it cool and peel the blackened skin off. The onion should be all soft now.
7. Take these onion pieces, add garlic and coriander. Make a green paste. Keep this aside as well.
8. Keep a pan to boil water.
9. Take a pan and heat oil. Add bay leaves, ginger + garlic paste. Fry it for some time.
10. Once the ginger garlic paste looks like fried, add the green paste made earlier. Add the masala, turmeric, red chili powder. Fry for a minute.
11. Add chicken drumsticks. Mix well.
12. Add cardamom+caraway powder. Stir and add the boiled water. Add sugar to taste, cover with a lid and cook for 10-12 minutes. Sprinkle some coriander.
13. Take a piece of coal and burn it till its red. Take a steel bowl, put coal and a teaspoon of ghee in it. Place this bowl in the chicken pan and cover it again. Add salt to taste.
14. Stir well and serve!

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