Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Crab Meat Burger

1. Crab meat, 250 g
2. Onion, 1 diced
3. Tomato, 1 diced, 1 sliced
4. Black pepper
5. Salt
6. Red chili powder
7. Burger rolls
8. Garlic, finely chopped
9. Spinach leaves, chopped

1. In a bowl, mix together onion, tomato, black pepper, chili powder, crab meat, salt and garlic pieces.
2. Make patties of these mix and shallow fry them.
3. Once all the patties are fried, use the same pan to fry garlic pieces and then the chopped spinach. Add salt and pepper on top and set it aside.
4. Use the same pan to fry tomato slices. You can use them in the burger uncooked as well.
5. Toast the burger rolls. Cover them with spinach and tomato slices. Place the crab meat patty on top and serve.

NOTE: If you want to make the burgers in advance, then fry onion and tomatoes in oil. Then add to the crab meat. This way they'll last longer.

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