Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Ox Tail Soup

1. Ox tail, 4 pieces
2. Ginger, grated, 1 tsp
3. Garlic, grated, 2 cloves
4. Celery sticks, 3, chopped
5. Leek, 1, chopped
6. Carrot, 1, diced
7. Parsnip, 1, diced
8. Onion, 1, sliced
9. Cayenne pepper, to taste
10. Salt, to taste
11. Butter
12. Black pepper
13. Stock

1. Heat a pot and melt butter. Fry the ox tail pieces in this. Add some salt and pepper. Once half-cooked, remove and set aside.
2. Fry ginger, garlic and onion. Then add carrot, celery and parsnip. Fry the vegetables properly. Add more butter if required. Once mixed properly with the ginger-garlic mix, add the ox tails to this. Mix again. Add cayenne pepper and salt.
3. Add stock to this and bring to a quick boil. Add more water and turn the gas on lowest flame.
Cover and cook for around 3 hours. Add leek pieces to this and mix properly. Cook for another 30-45 minutes. The beef should start getting off the bones once ready.
4. Serve hot with toasted baguette.

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